5 tips To Prevent a Server Crash this Summer

5 tips To Prevent a Server Crash this Summer

When you realize that summer is already here, excess heat on your server is such a big struggle. Too much heat may also affect not only your servers but also your laptops and PC’s.

How can you say no to server crash if you’re unprepared for the warmer summer months? Overheat doesn’t only cost you money but will also make your IT equipment more susceptible to future failures leading to the most devastated IT disaster — server crash.

Here are 5 tips to help you prevent your IT network and components from overheating.

1. Declutter server room. Unnecessary things and stuffs on server will decrease air flow. A clean and tidy server room may help to keep your computer equipment cooler.

2. If you have more than one server, organize and arrange them in a row so cold air will reach all the equipment.

3. Make sure it is always closed. Keeping the server room closed will prevent dust build-up during summer months. A dusty space can contribute to equipment overheating.

4. Keep it cool. The server room should be put into no more than 25 degrees Celsius at all times.

5. Consider In the cloud. Cloud-based applications produce and generate the lowest amount of heat from the get go.


Follow these tips and these will help you a lot in preventing Server Crash this Summer Months.

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