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After the spread of phishing around the world by fabricating an entire entity of online banking which requires confidential details, another online fraudulent is on its peak targeting Australia and Russia in the making.

While some people do not understand how it is cleverly engineered by unscrupulous software developers, this malware, also known as Xbot, steals online banking credentials and can encrypt a device’s files hostage in exchange of a ransom.

According to Paolo Alto, on his blog last Thursday, Xbot is not widespread yet but seems to be targeting Russian and Australian devices. However, they believe that the one behind Xbot is trying to expand its target base.

“This Trojan seems to be studied properly as it is very complex and surely anyone who will pay a heed to detect it will be hard-pressed guessing how to prevent it as it is likely that its ability to infect users and remain hidden will only grow,” Paolo Alt wrote.
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A Vignette Recap about SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely the most sought-after inbound marketing strategy in the world of online business presence nowadays. Its proven results have actually amassed Return on Investments (ROI) success reports for those entrepreneurs whose businesses greatly rely on the online presence.

SEO consists of two major parts: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

Meta tags, page titles, keyword distribution, content, description, redirection and internal links are done in control at your website’s back-end. These fall under the field of On-page optimization.

In this field, you would need to configure some technical things in order to successfully optimise each page of the website.

On the other hand, several factors like link building, brand promotion, blogging and link mentioning are part of Off-page optimization which will lead to organic search by the google algorithms.
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Technology has been evolving from time to time. Remember how you managed to treasure the first gadget that you got? Well, as much as you want to take care of it, technology has been increasingly inventing and innovating some changes on a specific device in order to cope of what the situation requires, thus the moment you need to replace your old device is the moment you are deciding to adapt the rapidly changing world of technology.
Best technology comes the best benefits. It’s true because having the newest and latest technology reflects the status of your business. It is simply coping with what your business needs and requirements in order to perform business processes and transactions efficiently.
Basically, you only want the best technology because it will provide the best performance.
But replacing a device is not as easy as pie, it’s not that hard as you might think but it requires considerations in order to prevent downtimes and to avoid spending too much from something that you don’t really need to, here are 3 things to consider:
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5 tips To Prevent a Server Crash this Summer

When you realize that summer is already here, excess heat on your server is such a big struggle. Too much heat may also affect not only your servers but also your laptops and PC’s.

How can you say no to server crash if you’re unprepared for the warmer summer months? Overheat doesn’t only cost you money but will also make your IT equipment more susceptible to future failures leading to the most devastated IT disaster — server crash.

Here are 5 tips to help you prevent your IT network and components from overheating.
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What does ‘scalable’ mean?

Scalability – protecting your investment

In the past and sadly even today, many a business owner has been caught-out and hit with a very large and unexpected bill for replacing elements of their IT solutions infrastructure. This is usually followed up rapidly by outraged expressions such as “we spent a lot of money on our system not long ago!Read More

Professional and personal identity theft is a growing problem.

Here are a few top tips from Server Sentry as to how to go about helping to avoid it.

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Some people believe that all that is required to keep their IT equipment safe from viruses is to have a firewall sitting between their installation and the Internet.

Of course, having an approved piece of security software doing that job for you is absolutely essential in this day and age.  It will stop or at least significantly reduce the chances of people gaining access to your equipment from outside of your organisation.  Read More

When you are purchasing Information Technology equipment, if it is new it will normally come with some sort of manufacturer’s and/or retailer’s limited period warranty.

There is though a fair chance that you may find yourself on the receiving end of attempts to sell you one sort of extended warranty or another. Read More

You may well be tired of sales people trying to sell you the latest box or piece of software that is guaranteed to do all sorts of interesting things that your current IT infrastructure can’t.

You’re probably (rightly) very sceptical about these propositions but also worried that you may be missing signs that it is time to put some of your existing equipment out to pasture. Read More

True, New Year’s resolutions are easily made and equally easily broken.

Yet here at Server Sentry we make no bones about the fact that we believe many companies underestimate just how exposed to fraud and malicious activities their Information Technology infrastructure really is.  There are two ways you can learn that lesson – one being to do something in advance or the second waiting until you have been the victim of such a problem and then to do something about it. Read More

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