Can You be Sure That Your Email Has Been Read?

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There may be any number of situations within which you would like to know whether or not someone has read an e-mail you have sent them.

We are often asked whether this is possible and the answer is “yes” but with certain common sense limitations.

As there are a number of different email options, here we will talk about services such as Windows Live Mail, as this is still perhaps one of the most widely used approaches.

In terms of absolute certainty, “no”, it may be difficult to be sure that the intended recipient has ever read your e-mail. You can use a standard feature like “Request Read Receipt” to ask the person opening the email to acknowledge that they have done so but there is no obligation for them to click “yes”.

Even if you do get a read receipt, in some cases you might still not be entirely certain that the person you intended to see it has actually done so. That might be typically the case in shared business mailboxes where an administrator may process incoming emails on behalf of an entire department or company.

There are though facilities offered by various pieces of software and companies that will be able to verify whether your email was actually opened upon receipt. These often entail embedding counters and clickable pictures in your text.

Of course, even that only tells you the email has been opened – not that the person who opened it actually read the contents.

If it is essential for you to know whether a given email has been received or not, why not call one of our experts in technical support? Melbourne clients will find them readily available for on-site consultations if need be.

This is a different subject to ensuring that your email is kept secret and that it can only be read by the intended recipient. We’ll cover that one in a future blog!