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There may be any number of situations within which you would like to know whether or not someone has read an e-mail you have sent them.

We are often asked whether this is possible and the answer is “yes” but with certain common sense limitations. Read More

These days, many of our clients are becoming keener to reuse existing IT kit – especially the computers themselves. Whether this is due primarily to economic and cost cutting measures or to a more green and environmental approach to reducing the use of the planet’s resources is something that might vary from case to case. Read More

Here at Server Sentry, we’re well aware that not everyone is a ‘natural’ when it comes to IT and computer technology in general.

Of course, the reason that we exist at all as a technical support business is that not everyone shares our knowledge and expertise in these areas. Read More

Sometimes that second-hand PC, tablet, laptop or server, can seem an irresistible bargain.

Let’s be clear, sometimes buying IT equipment second-hand can be extremely cost-effective. Of course, just as when you’re purchasing anything else that is pre-used, you need to be sure it is in great condition or you run the risk of buying yourself trouble. Read More

We are occasionally asked how we manage to keep our hosting service and related systems secure from outside attack.

We don’t only welcome this type of question but in fact we encourage it because everyone associated with Information Technology, both service providers and customers need to be constantly aware of the need to think about security. Read More

If you are running a PC or system with Windows on it, then usually by holding down CTRL-ALT-DEL at the same time you will be taken into something called the “Windows Task Manager”.

Here at Server Sentry we occasionally get calls asking questions about this piece of software due to the fact that the customer concerned has read that it’s something worth opening up if you are having problems with your PC. In practice though, the situation is rather more complicated and we’d advise against expecting to see immediate easy answers from the Task Manager unless you are relatively IT literate. Read More

“If you have reason to believe that you have an IT virus or that your system is being ‘hacked’, you need to take fast and effective action to protect your interests.  A list of recommendations is given below but always contact an expert asap. “ Read More

Leaving aside the horrific thought of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear explosion, your IT infrastructure probably isn’t massively at risk of total devastation due to electromagnetic radiation.

Even so, many IT system components can be very vulnerable to a number of different forms of what we can crudely here call ‘interference’.   Read More

“Just like any other activity involving focusing on something close to your eyes for extended periods of time, working on a computer screen can in some cases lead to eye strain. Here are a few tips that may help to reduce the severity or avoid it altogether. “

One of the oldest and most debated topics in health and safety relating to Information Technology is that of eye strain. Read More

At Server Sentry, technical computer support means more than simply fixing problems.  We are firm believers that a problem avoided is far better than one fixed and we will take a number of proactive steps in order to ensure that is something we achieve on your behalf.  Read More

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