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Cloud Care

CLOUD Backup Services– Connectivity & Availability Anytime, Anywhere

There are certain things that are de rigueur in today’s Information Technology business environment.

Cloud Backup Service Package include:

  • People being able to access your public-facing systems from anywhere in the world and through multiple device types;
  • You being able to do likewise;
  • Being able to be sure that all of your applications and data are entirely secure and capable of being restored at a moment’s notice should there be a problem;
  • Not necessarily needing to develop an extensive in-house knowledge base of Information Technology that may get in the way of you running your day-to-day business.
  • Strict attention to cost-containment and the provision of optimum cost-effective solutions.

This is where what is sometimes called Cloud Computing comes into play.

The Cloud is a general name given to a range of services that reside somewhere on the Internet and which you can label and use as ‘yours’ – thereby meaning you do not need to build and maintain an extensive IT infrastructure within your own organisation.

Server Sentry is an expert in Cloud backup services and offers a range of what we call “CLOUD CARE” packages.

These cloud backup services packages are entirely customizable to your specific organisation’s needs and include things such as full scalability – meaning that your solution can expand and grow with you as your business develops.

There is absolutely no need for you to worry about the technicalities of Cloud Systems because Server Sentry can do it all for you.  So if you so choose, you can forget about huge servers on your own premises and needing to employ technical staff in order to service and maintain them for you.

This is essentially you making a decision to outsource IT work and reduce your risks and costs in so doing.

If you’d like to find out more about Cloud Computing services and CLOUD CARE, why not call or contact us through this website?  We’d welcome the opportunity to explain things in more detail and we guarantee that there will be absolutely no hard-selling.

Cloud Care’s biggest advantages for your business include:

  • Scalability: Rather than replacing a server that’s out of capacity every five years, Cloud Care grows as your needs grow, managing capacity so you don’t have to.
  • Flexibility: Cloud Care allows you to manipulate and change servers in a virtual environment, enabling your project to dictate the resources – not your hardware.
  • Availability: Like all of our managed & cloud services, Cloud Care is highly redundant, which makes your data and services always available. Here at Server Sentry, we understand that uptime is more than an ideal concept – it’s crucial.

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