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One of the advantages of being based in Melbourne is that we can quickly get to our clients in the city and surrounding districts.

Yet we know that our customers would prefer fast telephone or online resolution to their problems rather than site visits. In the context of responses through computer support, Melbourne site visits should ideally be an option of last resort.

Yet what will we at Server Sentry typically need from you in order to be able to diagnose and remedy your problems online or via the phone as opposed to coming to see you?

Computer Support  Melbourne

Well, that depends on the nature of the services you are purchasing from us but assuming that you have a problem and you need help then we will need from you:

1. A good, accurate and hopefully comprehensive description of the nature of the problem you have encountered. Where possible, it will be very useful to understand just what sequence of events lead up to the problem arising.

2. Where the problem has resulted in error logs, error messages or other forms of screen-based diagnostics being produced, we would need to have a hard copy of those or at the very least you reading them out to us over the phone. That’s why we would always respectfully request that you did not simply switch a device off when a problem arises but call us first instead.

3. A local point of contact in your office who understands at least something of your technology installation and who will be able to work with us remotely in trying to run some tests to track down the exact nature of the problem.

Of course, if we are providing you with hosted services and fully online support then in many cases we may have all the information we need at our own site in order to identify the problem and resolve it.

To us, speed of diagnosis and agreed actions to resolve are the most important aspect of Technical computer support. Melbourne site visits to our clients are always delightful and we enjoy getting out and meeting people but we know you would prefer us to get your systems back to normal as fast as possible rather than spending time travelling to and from your office. We’ll work to achieve that for you.

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