Demolishing Some Common Place IT Services Myths


At Server Sentry we’re always keen to try and address some of the more common misconceptions relating to the IT industry in general.

Here are some myths relating to IT services.

Everything these days is plug-compatible

If only that were true!

IT manufacturers have been trying to sell this one since the 1960s but the reality of life is that connecting systems from different providers is sometimes far from easy.

Skill and expert knowledge is sometimes required to make everything work together even if they should, theoretically, just ‘plug-n-play’.

You’ll see that sometimes if you ever try to do something simple like install a new printer only to be greeted with complex messages about drivers.

Every change you ask for will cost money

No, not necessarily.

There are many different types of support and outsourcing contracts available. Some will provide a measure of ‘development hours’ you can call upon free-of-charge within the price of your agreement.

Most providers of IT services will be very keen to be as flexible as they can and it’s not in their interests to price themselves out of the market.

Once they have your business, you’re theirs for life

This fear also has its origins in the mid-20th century.

Today, outsourcing contracts normally contain clauses relating to the provider’s need to support a fast and orderly transition to another provider if you wish to change at some time in the future.

Look closely at this area but it shouldn’t be a major concern if you’re careful with the contract. Remember again though no sensible company wants reluctant customers who are effectively somehow ‘imprisoned’. It doesn’t happen.

They promise a lot in terms of service standards but don’t deliver

That should be impossible if you’ve taken standard professional care with your contract.

Make sure that whatever your needs are, they are documented and your provider agrees to meet them. Don’t accept caveats, get-outs and ‘under normal circumstances’ evasion.

Make them back up their promises and services commitments with financial penalty guarantees.

Of course, be fair to them and clear. No service provider can be held accountable for expectations that weren’t identified and specified up front. Not even the best IT Consultants are psychic!