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Filter Care

Firewall Solution Provider  – Filter Care Solution

While email continues to enhance communication and productivity in the workplace, culling through spam directly counteracts those benefits. But sometimes, when you implement an anti-spam tool, you risk blocking much of your legitimate emails as well.

Filter Care is our solution to:

  • Virus,
  • Spam,
  • Spyware,
  • Intrusion detection and
  • Web content filtering.

Filter Care / Firewall Solutions intelligently triages your websites and incoming emails by blocking spam and quarantining email whose legitimacy is uncertain – thereby allowing you to decide what to let through – all the while continuing to pass your legitimate email to your inbox. Updated throughout the day, this sophisticated filter system is dictionary-based and filters tens of millions of messages per day. When a questionable email is caught and quarantined, you receive an alert so that you can determine whether to release it or delete it. This continual honing of your preferences allows the system to adapt and become increasingly efficient at blocking the emails you don’t want in the future.

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