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How To Stop an IT Network Break-down in Your Organization and Increase Your Control

Wouldn’t it be ideal to spend your time on tasks that would benefit yourself, your organisation, and your employer in a highly optimal way?

As an IT manager, there are many ways you can increase your productivity and enhance the overall function of your IT network?

For example, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could automate certain tasks that required large amounts of time and labour, allowing you to operate the entire network you’re highly responsible for from a more controlled and managerial position?

It means you could do more for your organisation, with less effort, and more effectively.

By using Server Sentry as your skeleton or short-term IT managers, you can better capitalize on your skills and accountability, even when you take time off.

When we become your virtual IT department, we monitor, maintain, and support your whole IT structure.

How Do You Prevent an IT Network Break-Down?

With our powerful and extremely accurate monitoring software, we’re able to monitor applications and processors across multiple devices in your network in real time. This allows us to schedule tasks, automate fixes, and perform escalation alerts directly to our ‘on-standby’ engineers immediately.

All information is specifically encrypted using 256-bit RC4 with rolling keys, removing anything potentially accessible for attackers to exploit, making it totally safe.

This means that Server Sentry is seen as a valuable and welcome addition that allows you as an IT manager to concentrate on the strategic needs of your company while we handle the ‘task work’ for you.

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  • Lower the risk of system failure Or data loss.
  • Prevent cyber invasion Or network hacking.
  • Eliminate all your it worries that could steal your profits, rob your time, and technically Annoy you.

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