Make Sure your Data is Fully Deleted

Make Sure your Data is Fully Deleted

These days, many of our clients are becoming keener to reuse existing IT kit – especially the computers themselves. Whether this is due primarily to economic and cost cutting measures or to a more green and environmental approach to reducing the use of the planet’s resources is something that might vary from case to case.

What is important though is to acknowledge that, for security reasons, it is imperative that any residual information held on the hard disk of the computer is completely removed prior to its reuse.

At Server Sentry we know that this involves more than just the reformatting of the hard disk.   Yes, reformatting might make data held there inaccessible to many users but the fact of the matter is that it is still there and can be accessed by those who know what they’re doing.

That’s why with Server Sentry’s technical support, Melbourne and other client locations can be sure that our technicians will always take every possible step to completely overwrite the hard disks of computers our clients ask us to reformat for them prior to their reuse.

Our preferred way of doing this is to use a tool called “cipher” which was originally designed (as the name may suggest) to encrypt and decrypt data. It can also be used though to overwrite the disk with a load of zeros thereby obliterating the original contents to all but the most determined searchers – perhaps such as government bodies with unlimited financial and technical resources.

Of course the fact that this powerful tool can wipe disks clean as well as carry out extremely useful encryption and decryption functions means one slip of the finger could erase important files or folders – and that might be disastrous for your business.

So if you have a used computer that needs to be formatted completely or you have some files that you want to make more secure with encryption, why not let Server Sentry technicians set everything up for you?