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Secure Care

IT Network Support – Protect Network with Firewall Solution

It is a sad fact of life that not all IT experts have the best interests of your company at heart.

In fact, some may have positively malicious intentions towards you and your technology operations.

This class of individual is sometimes referred to as a ‘hacker’ and they typically come into one of two categories:

  • Individuals motivated primarily by what they see as the technical and intellectual challenges associated with breaking into your systems and networks.  Sometimes their secondary intention is to cause malicious damage through technical vandalism but in other instances it’s to obtain a form of ‘achievement gratification’ – though damage to your systems (and reputation) can arise as an unintended by-product.
  • Individuals or large commercial groups operating with exclusively criminal intent.

Whatever category the attacker comes into, the results for your business can be disastrous.

You may find yourself losing proprietary information, your precious and strictly confidential client details or simply being locked out of your own systems until you play a ransom for the release code.

Fortunately, these individuals and groups can be stopped if you have appropriate security expertise available to you.

At Server Sentry we have top-class IT network support technicians who are skilled in putting into place things such as anti-virus and anti-intrusion security systems.

They will make sure that the only people able to access your systems are those you authorise and that once approved parties do have access, they can only reach those parts of your technology environment that you authorised.

We call our portfolio of protection here ‘Secure Care’.

It may be that so far you have been fortunate and have not suffered any of these types of IT attack.

It might be advisable though not to rely on your luck holding and instead to speak to us about our IT Network Secure Care package.

Features of IT Network Support Secure Care

  • End Point Security ( Anti-Virus / Anti Spyware / Anti Malware )
  • Firewall and Internet Content Filtering Management
  • Email SPAM control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Policy Based Security

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