Security and Second-Hand IT Equipment

second hand IT equipments

Sometimes that second-hand PC, tablet, laptop or server, can seem an irresistible bargain.

Let’s be clear, sometimes buying IT equipment second-hand can be extremely cost-effective. Of course, just as when you’re purchasing anything else that is pre-used, you need to be sure it is in great condition or you run the risk of buying yourself trouble.

So, some of the same basic common sense steps you would take to protect your interests when purchasing a used car would also apply to purchasing used IT equipment.

However, with IT kit that is second-hand you have a particular risk that you need to be aware of – and that is the virus or other legacy malware that it might contain.

If the previous owner was less than careful they may have picked up virus software in their system. If the person offering the equipment for sale was less than meticulous in their checking of it, you may find yourself the proud owner of a piece of software that is a security nightmare.

It’s also worth being clear that simply installing and running a virus checker on your potential purchase might not be sufficient. If crooks and hackers have had unrestrained access to the device, they may have been able to bury their software in some very obscure corners.

So, what can you do about it?

The answer is simple – speak to us at Server Sentry for advice. We may be able to run special high-tech virus checks that you yourself may not have access to.

Our guys are experts in technical support. Melbourne based customers only have to pick up the phone and we may be able to offer in-depth checks that should put your mind at rest.

Be aware of the risks when you are purchasing second-hand equipment and let us help you deal with them.