Some Top Tips for Using Google More Effectively


At Server Sentry we are obviously enthusiastically into anything IT related – and in a very big way.

We work hard to keep ahead of the game as far as innovations and developments are concerned, particularly if they are targeted at making things easier.

We know though that not everyone is as comfortable with IT or perhaps they just do not have the time to discover new functionality or experiment with what’s there.

So here are a few Google shortcuts that we think might help you to quickly find what you are looking for on the internet.


Simply key in “Films” and a location to find out what’s on near you. For example “Films Melbourne will provide you with a list of theatres and movies on in the area (this also works using “Movies” rather than “Films”.)


Tapping in “Weather” followed by your post code or town or state e.g. “Weather Melbourne will give you current weather details. You can add more criteria if you want to be more specific like “Weather Melbourne yesterday.


Keying “Translate” followed by a foreign word will give you the English equivalent. You can also key in the English word and ask for a translation in to another language. “Translate garden into French for example.


If you are interested in the stocks and share prices for a particular company just key in the appropriate stock name – “Stock NAB for example.

Flight times

If you are interested in the departure or arrival of a particular flight simply key in the airline name and the flight number.

File type

Adding a file type to your search string will give you results matching that particular type. Many companies provide user manuals (etc.) for their products as PDF files online so all you’d have to do is key in your product name followed by “filetype:PDF.

Locality search

If you are looking for services, or anything else for that matter, in a particular area or locality then visiting the Google Local then keying in the locality you are interested in followed by whatever it is you are looking for will give you a selection to choose from eg “Melbourne hotel”.

Link Web Pages

If you are interested in finding out which sites incorporate links to your own site or blog then keying “link:” will give you a list. (Where ‘’ is your URL.

Reverse Phone number look-up

Missing a call can be annoying and frustrating if your caller doesn’t leave a message Tapping in their number with the full area and country code will provide you with their name and address.


You can use the Google search bar in the same way as a calculator. A very handy tool if mental arithmetic is not your forte.

These are just a few of the many shortcuts that we at Server Sentry think could be useful to you. You might try putting in as one of your favourites, “Server Sentry – technical support Melbourne” and you’ll always immediately get our contact details back!

There are many others that you can experiment with and don’t hesitate to ask us for help.