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When you are purchasing Information Technology equipment, if it is new it will normally come with some sort of manufacturer’s and/or retailer’s limited period warranty.

There is though a fair chance that you may find yourself on the receiving end of attempts to sell you one sort of extended warranty or another. Read More

Today’s modern data storage media can be both a blessing and curse to commercial IT users.

On the positive side, things such as flash memory and DVDs offer incredible advantages in areas such as:  Read More

You might be surprised if not shocked to discover just who has access to your IT equipment when you are not around.

It’s a strange thing but many companies have very strict policies about which of their employees can actually touch some of their key systems.  That certainly involves who can use on-site file servers and so on.

The objectives there are usually twofold.

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One of the things you may find some IT vendors are rather reluctant to talk about is return on investment (ROI). This can be a painful subject for them because their primary focus is on selling you solutions rather than quantified business benefits.

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If it’s hard to imagine that anyone would go out and buy all of the wiring and circuit breakers required for the installation of electricity into a new building without first speaking to a qualified electrician.

Similarly, perhaps few business owners or executives would consider even for one second, the possibility of ordering vast quantities of water heating, waste systems and water distribution equipment without the in-depth guidance and advice of a qualified plumber.

Yet oddly, when it comes to Information Technology, some businesses see the world very differently.

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