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As we approach the festive season, here at Server Sentry we are professionally obliged to pour a little cold water on things by reminding our customers that this is a potentially high-risk period from the point of view of computer viruses and other forms of malware.

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Earlier in 2014, much of the IT security industry went into overdrive trying to identify issues that might arise from what was called “The Heartbleed Problem”.

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One of the things you may find some IT vendors are rather reluctant to talk about is return on investment (ROI). This can be a painful subject for them because their primary focus is on selling you solutions rather than quantified business benefits.

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If it’s hard to imagine that anyone would go out and buy all of the wiring and circuit breakers required for the installation of electricity into a new building without first speaking to a qualified electrician.

Similarly, perhaps few business owners or executives would consider even for one second, the possibility of ordering vast quantities of water heating, waste systems and water distribution equipment without the in-depth guidance and advice of a qualified plumber.

Yet oddly, when it comes to Information Technology, some businesses see the world very differently.

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