Top tips for selecting providers of Technical support – Melbourne and wider Victoria


At Server Sentry we know we offer unrivalled technical support services. However, we also know that customers like choice and comparison. So, here are a few top tips for selecting service providers in technical support  Melbourne andelsewhere in Victoria.

1. Look for 24/7 support services.

Technology is no respecter of the clock and it can fail at any time of the day. It also doesn’t pay any attention to the concept of the weekend.

2. Understand the difference between first and second level support services.

The terminology may differ but first level usually involves a help desk contact and second level involves you getting a response from a technical specialist who might actually be able to fix the problem. This is sometimes discussed under ‘response time guarantees’.

3. Check the capabilities of the help desk.

Having 24/7 contact may sound great but not if when you do hit the panic button, you end up speaking to someone who doesn’t know a PC from a motorbike. Some helpdesks are essentially just passive ‘call loggers’ who will promise to get someone to call you back. See point ‘2’ for what that means.

4. Check their escalation procedures.

Ask what happens if, in a crisis, the help desk can’t make contact with the on-call technician. It can happen, so be sure you know what your provider would do if that were the case.

5. Think about their location.

In a crisis, how quickly could they get somebody to your site if that were appropriate? For technical support Melbourne providers may be able to offer that as a no-brainer. By contrast, if they’re based up in say Far North Queensland, it’s going to be much more of a challenge for them.

6. Understand their establishment.

If their technical skills reside within a couple of individual experts, well, you may wonder what will happen if one goes down sick while the other is overseas on holiday? Do they have the critical mass to guarantee to support you? A few basic questions but they might make a big difference to you in a crisis.