Why an Ongoing Training Programme is Essential for IT Staff

IT Staff

It’s sometimes said that the IT industry re-invents itself every two years or so.

In our opinion, that’s something of a massive exaggeration but it does contain a few grains of truth.

The fact of the matter is that technology evolves rapidly and change is endemic within our business. That means that expert knowledge today is not likely to be quite the same expert knowledge required by the marketplace in say two or three years’ time.

That’s why at Server Sentry we have a programme of constant staff development and re-training. It’s absolutely essential in order to keep up with the latest software releases and ways of doing things. Any software services provider that fails to have an ongoing education programme is likely to very quickly slip into offering sub-standard support services.

This is also a very powerful argument for outsourcing your IT services. Melbourne clients or those elsewhere will know very well just how expensive a retraining overhead can be and also that it can’t just be based upon a single individual.

That’s because people can be sick or they can go off on holiday, meaning somebody with the same skills has to be standing by and ready to step into their shoes. So, the cost and management overhead is substantial.

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent range of services based upon some of the top skills in the business and we know that we need to invest heavily in training to make that so. We will continue to do so in order to ensure that our IT support services are simply second to none.

If you’d like to know more about the skills and backgrounds of any of our personnel and just what we do to develop people over time, please don’t hesitate to ask. We love questions from our clients on just about any subject including this one!