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Server Sentry’s Exceptional 10 Point Guarantee

At Server Sentry, we put great importance on the quality of service to our customers. It’s for this reason we further bind our professional services with an extra 10 Point Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry today.

Here they are:

Guarantee 1

We guarantee that you’ll always be treated with quality and professional courtesy.

Guarantee 2

We guarantee that we’ll take time to truly understand your business operations.

Guarantee 3

We guarantee that we’ll respond to critical issues within 2 hours or less.

Guarantee 4

We guarantee a Faster Phone Response – answering all support calls within 3 minutes or less.

Guarantee 5

We guarantee to deliver Peace of Mind, IT Management Simplicity – by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening.

Guarantee 6

We guarantee our engineers will only ever speak ‘easy to understand’ PLAIN ENGLISH – no techno babble or ‘geek-speak’ whatsoever.

Guarantee 7

We guarantee that we’ll only charge you for any new installation once – all reinstallations thereafter will be free of charge.

Guarantee 8

We guarantee 100% unconditional satisfaction that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with our service.

Guarantee 9

We guarantee that all projects will be delivered on TIME AND BUDGET.

Guarantee 10

We guarantee a 300% money back guaranteed IT Solutions – If you’re not satisfied with our IT service for any reason whatsoever, we’ll offer you a complete ‘no questions asked’ money back refund on not only your current monthly instalment, but the previous two. That’s three times your money back.

  • Lower the risk of system failure Or data loss.
  • Prevent cyber invasion Or network hacking.
  • Eliminate all your it worries that could steal your profits, rob your time, and technically Annoy you.

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  • Lower the risk of system failure and data loss.
  • To prevent cyber invasion and network hacking.
  • Eliminate all your IT worries that could steal your profits, rob your time, and technically annoy you.

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